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London baby!

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I have been to London so many times, but this visit was so special. Not only we celebrated my husband’s birthday but it was Oskar’s first trip to London. Obviously I couldn’t leave home without my camera, and this time I was trying to take some maybe not the most common shots of London.

There was this great vibe in the air, when you almost feel like Joey in Friends, who wanted to buy every single souvenir on every single street in London. I think Oskar felt it too as he had a great time seeing such a vibrant city and visiting the Science Museum where he could see his favourite planes, trains and cars so close. So with the motto: “London, baby!!!” we took a usual walk from Waterloo station to St James Park. The first thing that always catches my eye is the London eye with a spectacular sky in the background.  Stopping at the Downing Street I couldn’t resist to take a photo of a rather nice horse that apparently may kick or bite youJ then we walked to the St James Park and there it was a black swan! It might sound weird but it was the first time I saw a black swan in my life!

Last thing we had to see no matter what, was my favourite Impressionists, Claude Oscar Monet and Pierre-Auguste Renoir at the National Gallery. I could’ve spent there the whole day, just starring at the paintings but I suppose it would have been a very painful experience for Oskar who sat in his pushchair and didn’t pay any attention whatsoever! J As we walked out of the Gallery I had to capture this interesting view with the most famous clock in the world! At this point it was time to go home and we will definitely come back! There is so much to explore for Oskar and I am sure for me to capture some new interesting things too!



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Hello world!


I have finally decided to share my thoughts and my photography with the world. I hope that everyone who visits this blog will enjoy my work.



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